Friday, May 15, 2020


One more breakthrough for Mount Abians- A Talk with Dr. Shawna Pandya. On Friday, 8th May, 2020, students of Mount Abu Public School got a golden opportunity to talk to Dr Shawna Pandya who is a citizen scientist astronaut, aquanaut, physician, martial artist, sky diver, motivational speaker and was also an intern in NASA.

Dr Shawna Pandya is an inspirational personality and students really got inspired after talking to her. She shared her experience and lessons which she has learnt by her experience. She explained that there is no limit for dreams and dreams will become reality only it is to be chased. She said that as important as natural aptitude is, passion, discipline and a solid work ethic are just as critical for success. So each and every line which she spoke was very motivational and she built an understanding of the collaborative nature of doing science in the mind of students. She is real inspiring figure for the youth and students will be inspired and chase their dreams to attain contentment in their life.


Another amazing day or instead night for Mount Abu family – A talk with Dr Jani Radebaugh on 7th May,2020 at 8pm. Students of Mount Abu Public School got an opportunity to talk to the one of the significant planetary scientist in the world. She is also professor at Brigham Young University. She is an expert contributor to the Science/Discovery program How the Universe Works. She discovered of Vid Flumina, a liquid methane river on Saturn's moon Titan over 320 km (200 mi) long and resembling the Nile river.

She shared her photographs and memories when she been to Antarctica. Students were amazed and felt lucky to interact with her. Students from class 3rd to 12th along with all the teachers of the school attended the session. She provided opportunities to clarify thoughts, generate conclusions, develop theories, and ask new questions

This talk gave the exposure to the learners to new ideas and perspectives, thereby encouraged the growth of new understanding. It linked the students directly to space scientist and provided unique, authentic experiences to enhance student learning, performance and interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

This talk was very successful in inspiring the students and creating enthusiasm towards astronomy.